Shandown's Speaker O'The House x Shandown's Center-Fold
October 7, 1995 – October 27, 2008
Chance left us as he’d lived his life…exactly as he chose.
Dearly loved and missed beyond what mere words can express.
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Standing naturally...September 7th 2006
For as long as we can remember, he's stood out in a crowd....
            Saturday, October 7th 1995, still seems as if it was last week instead of 13 years ago. I'd promised just about everything to our mentor if she'd breed Bunny, the beautiful and showy Shandown's Center-Fold. After more than 40 years and hundreds of AKC Champions, Shan was finished with showing and breeding. With Bunny nearing 4 years the dream was fading fast. But persistence still pays off, and even though it didn't go down exactly as I'd envisioned back then, Bunny was bred. My heart was set on a bitch and if she looked just like her dam I'd be in heaven.

Much to my delight there were two dark brindle bitches, a dark brindle dog, and then, to everyone's amazement, this stunning red dog came out talking. No reviving needed; just a bit of drying off. I remember handing Chance to Shan with a sheepish grin saying, "I'll take him, too."

She grinned right back with, "He's not going anywhere."

My husband and I were busy with other pups, but I kept glancing across the room at Shan with Chance--watching her fingers move along the shoulder angle and then down the neck to the withers, down the topline and then along the turn of stifle. I understood then about evaluating newborns before they're completely dry.

Given the parents were darker brindles, both born in all-brindle litters with only one fawn grandma in the mix, Chance was truly the icing on the cake. As a youngster he was shown fewer than a dozen times by Jack and Bridget Brown always placing first or second in his class, but the show ring wasn't his destiny.

Chance never disappointed us. Like many of the boxers behind him, he matured slowly--only improving with age. He loved other dogs of all sizes, shapes and genders and was a peacemaker to the end.  He remained as curious as he was the day he took his first step and was a life-long toy fanatic.  Actually, those last few years, a white-faced puppy described him best.

While he wore well, his greatest strengths remained his outgoing and happy, rock-solid temperament and his amazing energy and will to survive.
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October 15, 2006…Still keeping pace with niece Poppy who’s less than half his age
Almost 11
Lizard hunting...a Chance favorite.
Happy 10th Birthday!
...and for DB, closer is better!
Puppies have always been drawn to Chance...
A talk with nephew Duncan…10 years The daily tug-a-war with daughter, May…
Still recuperating, but busy as ever…
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Our greatest desire at Landfall is to produce boxers who are a pleasure to own –

Boxers who have every opportunity for healthy and happy, long lives and whose temperaments, conformation and beauty embody the Boxer Standard.   Collections of Chance will only be used in the future after careful consideration of pedigrees, with fully health tested, proven girls who excel in happy temperaments, lovely heads and proper structure.
Throughout his life, Chance was murmur free and SAS cleared via Doppler at 9 ½ years by Dr. K. Meurs. Hip testing at 7 years by Dr. R. D. Horne, BC Orthopedist -- OFA Good.  Full thyroid panel, mid-Normal at 10 years and single PVCs remained remarkably low for a boxer of his years. He tested Normal on the DM gene test having no copies of the mutated DM gene.  In the end adrenal gland cancer and bladder cancer had metastasized to his lungs and he passed quietly in his sleep at 13 years and 3 weeks of age.

Chance was a treasure we were blessed to enjoy for a time on this earth; he was made of something I’d not experienced quite the
same in more than four decades with this wonderful breed.   A confident and resilient fellow - yet a kind and happy creature that brightened every space he was in. We are immensely grateful to his breeder and co-owner,

Shan Shiver of Shandown Kennels, for the privilege of sharing in his life.
Still on the move...
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